Car Rental in Djoungolo Yaounde by CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE

If you’re in Djoungolo Yaoundé and buying reliable car rental agency, you’ve come to the right place. We provide car rental service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll find that individuals are very flexible and will do our best to allow for your needs.

Car rental service in Djoungolo Yaoundé

When booking an automobile rental in Djoungolo Yaounde, you should be conscious of some important details. Like, before signing the contract, make sure that the automobile you need is in a good condition. Some rental services have a limit on the mileage you are able to drive in a day. Also, check if the automobile has any visible defects.

It can be important to see that charges for rental cars vary based on the grab location. Usually, it is cheaper to grab the automobile at an off-airport location and avoid paying airport taxes. It’s also wise to ensure that your bank card has enough funds to cover the deposit. It’s advisable to book your car or truck well ahead of time, so that you will get a better deal.

If you are renting an automobile in Djoungolo Yaoundée, make sure that you realize the driving rules in the city. Many rental companies require the very least period of driving experience.

We are available 24 Hours / 7 Days a week

To avoid getting stuck paying for the automobile rental service you need, analyze your requirements prior to making the booking. Choose the right car group and class to complement your travel needs. There’s a huge demand for economy and compact cars, so you may want to consider booking among those.

Besides, you are able to opt to grab your car or truck full and return it full. This choice could save you money because you won’t have to cover a full tank of gas. However, you’ll still need to refuel the automobile before returning it, so ensure you are ready to accomplish so. Unlike with another form of car rental, you is only going to purchase fuel you utilize, so the cost for 1 gallon of gas will soon be lower.


The CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE focusing on Car rental in Djoungolo Yaoundé offers a number of rental vehicles and convenient payment options. This agency accepts cash and charge cards and offers both private and corporate car services.

The services provided by Cameroun limos vary in price and depend on the type of vehicle you want to rent. Probably the most expensive models feature V8 HEMI engines and can be worth $250,000 or more. Special event buses are also available for rent.

At the Djoungolo car rental desk, you should present a credit card that matches the name of the driver. The bank card can be used to keep the rental company’s funds, which may be in the form of a fuel deposit or insurance excess. You might need to offer two charge cards if you want to rent an automobile of higher class. Make sure you know the utmost rental period for the automobile you are renting.


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