Car Rental Service in Bangue Douala

Whether you are in Bangue Douala for vacation or business, you can pick a luxury car rental service in Bangue Douala to make your stay static in the city more comfortable. If you intend to enjoy the best possible service, you can get a Car rental in Bangue Douala from CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE.

Cheap Car rental in Bangue Douala

Whether you are going to Bangue for business or pleasure, you can choose from an extensive collection of rental vehicles. The method is secure and quick, to help you book your automobile in no time.

The price of a car rental in Bangue will change with respect to the car type, booking date and availability. A small car will surely cost around $57 a day while a larger one will surely cost more. With respect to the rental supplier, there might be additional costs for drivers over age 25 or for young drivers.

When you arrive at the rental counter, you will need to show your driver’s license. It’s also possible to be asked for an international driver’s license if you are not from a Roman alphabet country. The rental company may also have to know age all drivers.

The rental company may also require a charge card or bank card at the time of booking. A blocking deposit may also be required. It’s also wise to check the car’s insurance details with the rental agent on arrival. The rental company will charge yet another fee for drivers who cause an accident. With respect to the car rental supplier, you may also be charged for injury to glass, windscreens and undercarriage.

Private limousine service

Among the countless modes of transit available in Douala, the motorbike taxi includes a leg on the competition. The main reason being it is cheap and you can get several friends directly into boot. Despite the most obvious safety concerns, the motorbike taxi has was able to carve out a niche for itself in the Douala transport ecosystem. The motorbike taxi has become a convenient mode of transport for savvy business people and aficionados alike. It is no surprise that the motorbike taxi has been dubbed probably the most lucrative mode of transport in the city. This really is a consequence of the relative cost of acquiring a motorbike taxi license in Douala compared to that of a typical driving licence. The motorbike taxi is really a booming industry, with the tally of motorbike taxis in Douala now standing at around fifty thousand. This can be a far cry from the peak of five hundred thousand motorbike taxis which were clogging up the roads around Bangue in the late 1980s. The motorbike taxi has been a boon to the city’s tourism sector, boosting the city’s GDP by about ten percent in recent years. The motorbike taxi’s inexpensive and low maintenance ensure it is a well known mode of transport amongst business professionals and aficionados alike.

Vip Car rental service by CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE

Whether you are likely to Douala for a small business or pleasure, you ought to ensure you are hiring a good car rental service. It can help you lessen costs, and ensure you’ve a pleasurable trip.

As it pertains to car rental, you ought to look at numerous factors to find out which company will provide you with the most effective service for the money. A business with a good customer care system will go quite a distance in assisting you’ve a successful trip.

You may also want to choose a company that offers an extensive collection of vehicles. Some companies may also give you a chauffeur service. If you’re planning a special event or even a visit to the countryside, you may want to think about booking a limo. Many companies give you a luxury limo and driver package, and you can book online to save on travel costs.

Another great reason to rent a limo is if you are planing a trip to the country’s largest city. Douala is really a big city, and a limo could make it easier for you really to get around. You can book a limo online, and many companies may even offer free quotes online. It’s also possible to want to consider booking ahead of time to save on the price of rental.


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