Car Rental With Driver in Yaoundé

Getting a car rental with a driver is one of the best ways traveling around Yaoundé, Cameroon. It could save you from getting lost and from being frustrated with your travel plan. The services made available from the car rental companies in Yaoundé can be amazing, and you will have a way to enjoy your vacation without wasting just one minute of one’s time.

Hire Car rental with driver in Yaoundé

Whether you are trying to Car rental with chauffeur in Yaoundé or elsewhere, you can find a selection of different cars. Some companies offer chauffeur-driven vehicles, giving you an appropriate drive wherever you’ll need to go. However, you may even need to cover additional fees for such services. Whether you are traveling on a budget or not, it is very important to research all rental costs when you book.

When booking an automobile, the car rental company will ask you to offer bank card information. They’ll then reserve a specific amount on your bank card, that you use for the fuel deposit. However, you must be sure that your bank card has a good enough limit to cover this amount.

You will need to provide an identification document like a passport. It’s also wise to give a rental voucher, that may contain the rental company’s address and phone number. Then you’re able to collect your vehicle out of this location.

Yaounde is found in south-central Cameroon on a hilly plateau. Temperatures are normally uniform throughout every season, with an average of 25degC. The best time and energy to travel to Yaounde is throughout the dry season, which runs from November to March. However, the rainy season will make travel much more difficult.

VIP Car Rental Agency

Whether you are planning a short vacation to Yaounde, Cameroon or planning a long-term visit, it is vital that you rent a car. There are lots of rental companies in the city offering a wide variety of vehicles and services.

VIP Cars offers many services and features to its customers. These generally include a simple booking process and the capacity to select a rental company. Whether you are booking an automobile for a short trip or a long-term stay, VIP Cars can offer you a suitable vehicle.

Your website offers users a number of filters that allow you to choose the type of vehicle, car class, and price range. Your website also enables you to book online, rendering it simple to find a very good rental option.

VIP Cars also offers an extra protection service, which is often purchased whenever you want before you pick up your rental car. The company will notify you when you pick up your rental vehicle when you yourself have purchased Extra Cover.

The excess protection service can also be extended if you request it. You have to provide VIP Cars with supporting documents and make a claim within 28 days of one’s drop-off date. Typically, events not covered by insurance are within the deposit amount.

car rental services by Cameroun Limousine

Whether you are visiting Yaounde for business or pleasure, you’ll find there are many options when it comes to luxury car rental in Cameroon. These generally include full-size sedans, compact cars and SUVs. You’ll also find a few companies offer specialty packages to suit your needs.

Among the first questions you must consider is whether you’ll desire a car for only per day, or whether you’ll be staying longer. If you’ll be spending a long time in Cameroon, you might want to take into account a long-term lease. You may even want to consider hiring a limousine, as an easy way to be sure you’re able to your destination in style.

You’ll also want to look at the fuel policy of the rental company. The fuel policy will determine how you’ll be refueling the car. Maybe you are required to buy prepaid gasoline, or to go back the car with a complete tank of gas.

The company may also need you to provide an identification document (ID) and driver’s license (if you intend on driving the car), along with a bank card (to make payments on the car). In the event you’re a driver, you could have to cover an extra fee.

It’s also wise to consider the benefits of picking right up your vehicle at an off-airport location. It will help you save on airport taxes. Additionally, you’ll have a larger fleet to decide on from.


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